Sunday, November 13, 2011


the best birthday wishes ever..
don't get me wrong. today is not my birthday.
i just find out this co0l video from youtube..
hope u guys can enjoy this co0l arrangement of 'Happy Birthday' song..

I wish i can play like this( in my dream =.=")

quote of the day

"you are what YOU EAT..
if u eat junk fo0d u will become a junky person.."

- but i love junk fo0d- @_@=========>>>>>

Saturday, November 12, 2011

eating disorder

im officially having a very serious eating disorder.
ok, I might be exaggerated. but lately i find out that im not taking seriously about my meal. the thing is i always skip my lunch or dinner..basically just take 1 meal per-day..n sometimes i didn't take any fo0d at one day.. myb for girls, its a normal thing for having a so-called diet.. but honestly, i dont think it is necessarily for me to do sort of diet since i am in a g0od shape(err, forget the excess fat at my tummy. =P)..

ok, back to the topic, what makes me worry is, if this habit keep on repeating for several months or years, im afraid that i will someday suffer for gastric (gastritis in medical term).. since my dad have this kind of disease for the past 5 years. why not i will inherit the same gene.. sigh~ furthermore, my stomach is always not as fit as normal person have.. not to mention i am a 'lactose-intolerance' person.. n i will simply got diarrhea once in a month..pity for me, because i am a milk or milky-based lover.. so, i can't resist myself to eat dairy product.. T_T
also,due to stressful of examination n assignment, i always got this kind of 'sudden sakit-perut'.. im afraid that it is a sign for me to get gastritis. actually, for the past 3 years in jakarta, i'd suffer from this sickness...

caffein is also not got for gastritis person. especially if u taking a cup of highly caffein coffe when ur stomach is empty.. and im a coffe lover. and i did drink lots of coffe lately..(i want Starbucks caramel frap NOW!!!!!!)... this bad habit cannot be helped.. im craving for more and more.. ^_^

what more can i say,.hope i can get balance diet, life as healthy as i can n not skip my meal.. plus, next week im gonna hit the gym back after several months stop.. need to prepare myself physically and mentally before start my clinical year...

...hope for the best in my study and life,. til then, all the best to my dearest friend.. =)